Quality control

Our company is committed at all stages of work in its projects under implementation to work to achieve the best quality in accordance with international standards and to strengthen this commitment, our company has been keen to find and develop a quality control management system in accordance with international work specifications, where the Engineer Project Manager is committed to sending enhanced quality control in pictures and statements of site visits to the beneficiary on a daily basis, and our company is committed to continuous development and improvements on quality control programs through the continuous reference of this system and in the light of field data for each project

Environmental conservation policy

One of the main goals of our company is to provide a distinctive level of comprehensive services supported by continuous development planning, and in this context, our company has adopted a distinguished environmental conservation program designed to meet the global requirements and conditions for operation and work in a safe environment according to the following standards
Avoid contamination in all work areas.
Making continuous improvements to the style and management of work on site.
Continuous review of all legislation and laws related to the protection of the environment and Natural Resources and work on their application
Holding awareness seminars on the importance of Environmental Protection on an ongoing basis for all employees.
Emphasizing the importance of cleanliness of work sites and commitment to clean and transport work waste to special places determined by the municipal, health and environmental authorities at the sites of work implementation