Our company is fully aware of the extent of its responsibilities towards occupational health and safety at the workplace for all individuals, including workers
And is committed to continuously improving the health and safety management system to be subject to all
Applicable international standards for all occupational health and safety regulations and legislations in force in America and Europe, and in this
Context our company applies the following procedures
1. Alerting all employees to the dangers they may be exposed to on site and training them on how to face and overcome them.
2. Providing fire fighting equipment and training workers on how to use it.
3. Training workers on the correct and proper use of mechanisms and equipment and methods of their operation in a way that ensures their safety.
4. Review the training procedures that workers need periodically and systematically.
5. Provide intensive training for new workers and employees, especially when new work items or new equipment are introduced to the site
6. Give general directions and guidelines to act quickly in case of emergency or in case of accidents during work.
7. Find a way to quickly contact the nearest hospital or health center.
8. Providing occupational safety manuals at the workplace that contain guidelines, instructions and occupational safety conditions.
9. Ensure that all employees at the site comply with the conditions and occupational safety controls set by the company and confirm
Abide by it and not tolerate anyone who violates any of its terms.
10. Encourage employees to participate in training programs related to occupational safety, as well as encourage their contributions in this field.
۱۱. Consider occupational safety requirements as a binding condition for working on site.