Al Noor Al thaqeeq contracting company

Company objective

Establishing good and excellent relations in the contracting sector with the parties that deal with it for the purpose of reaching the best performance and providing a high level of services to upgrade the highest grades for the success of its projects at any work site and effective contribution to the reconstruction campaign of Iraq and keep abreast of the development in its infrastructure.

Design and implementation of various buildings

The most important of them are residential complexes, buildings, schools, hotels, health centers, industrial complexes, refrigerated and ordinary stores and rooftops.

Processing, installation and operation of electrical conversion stations

Equipping and installing generators of all sizes from the best international facilities and cards ranging from 20kva to2000kva.

Management and organization

In order to achieve the requirements of our customers in the best ways, our company has employed teams of highly qualified and long-term experience in various specialties, including administrative, Construction, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, as well as mechanical engineering.